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Helping Leaders Attract, Hire and Keep Top Performers

Bill Gilbert, Professional Speaker.
About Bill

Bill Gilbert is passionate about helping leaders get the right people in the right job performing to their potential.

He also believes in the power of people. Place the right person in the right environment under the right leader, and you will be amazed at how well they will perform. Formally poor performers can become Top Performers.

Bill is the owner of two companies, W.A. Gilbert & Associates and On Target Presentations. He has spent more than 15 years helping people find the right job for them, helping leaders find the right people for the job and training people to perform at their potential. He has worked with private, non-profit, community service and government organizations in the business services, agricultural, manufacturing, transportation, social service and employment sectors. Bill Stewart of Goodwill Industries credits Bill Gilbert for much of the turnaround from near bankruptcy to a multi-million dollar surplus. Hundreds of small business owners credit Bill for getting their businesses off to a good start.

In his work, Bill recognized some people seemed to thrive while their peers floundered. However he also found that sometimes if you took the poor performers and placed them in a different position or with a different boss, they too, excelled. He decided to review the research on what makes the difference between poor performers and top performers so he could help his clients achieve better results with their people.

The result? He is going to challenge some belief systems; he is going to make people think. In his keynotes and workshops he is going to share some of his findings and provide some solutions participants can implement immediately to help find and develop Top Performers in their organization. For those who are serious about attracting, hiring and keeping more Top Performers, Bill also can provide more in depth consulting support.


Bill is a National Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). He will be the President of the Southwest Ontario chapter for 2008.
Bill has been a member of Rotary Club of London Lambeth (one of 29,000 clubs worldwide) since 1995. He has served in many executive positions including Club President.
Bill is a strong supporter of Camp Trillium Childhood Cancer Support Centre. Year-round, Camp Trillium offers 54 programs throughout the province of Ontario for children living with cancer and their families.


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